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June 1, 2008, 8:21am Report to Moderator
Guest User
The other day, my computer froze and I had to do a hard reboot. The computer ran CHKDSK on reboot and I noticed that multiple files had to be restored on reboot.  I have since been unable to launch Outlook Express. I get the message "Outlook Express could not be started because msoeres.dll could not be found.  Oullook Express might be installed incorrectly."  

I have Windows XP SP2, IE 7 and Outlook Express 6

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook Express using Add/Remove Programs with no success.  I have searched my harddrive and see msoeres.dll present in the Program Files/Outlook Express directory as well as in the i386 directory.  They seem to be the same file.  

I have searched the FileGurus site and found an entry from 2005 that reported the same error message.  That user's problem seemed to have been that he had uninstalled his address book but I don't seem to have the same problem.  Although I can't find any *.wab files on my harddrive, my address book loads when I launch wab.exe.  I suspect that the address book works differently now compared to then.

I called Dell software support.  Their only recommendations were to either go back to a prior restore point or to reinstall Windows.  Both smacked of amputating an arm to treat a hangnail.  They mentioned registry/.dll fix software of which I see there is plenty for free download on the web.  However, I don't know how successful or trustworthy (infected) such programs tend to be.  

Any advice would be much appreciated.  
C McCall
May 9, 2010, 10:50pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
last yesterday , my boss said me for install outlook  express in all system in the company.
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