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I removed MS Office 2003 trial  This thread currently has 923 views. Print
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May 25, 2007, 2:45pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
and when I later tried to open a document folder I received the message Microsoft Works Word Processor WKSWP.exe can't be found followed by a second message ...failed to start because LTKRN13N.dll can't be found. This is apparently a common problem caused by removing the MS Office Trial Program. Several posts on TechSpot.com say to find the above dll plus two others that apparently show up as missing after the first one is replaced, and to put them in C:\windows\system32. Has anyone else had this problem? Does the above solution sound like the correct one? And, as silly as it must sound, how do I find C:\windows\system32? And another question, HP Tech Support charged a fee for several solutions that didn't work...one person said to go to RegCure.com and buy their product. Any comments on RegCure? Thanks for the help. Norma
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FileGurus.com    Inf Files    INF Troubleshooting  ›  I removed MS Office 2003 trial