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September 9, 2006, 11:48am Report to Moderator
Guest User
Greetings. I have an irregular situation. I write INF files for most of my installs. Whether it be a script I wrote, or some new app into my next xp install cd, or just having a friend who wants something, I write INF's to do it.

Anyway, I found this site. Awesome repository here. But, what I want I have not found yet. Here is the situation.

REG_SZ in an INF file uses type 0x00000000 or just 0, or even no integer at all. But, the value must be quoted string.

I have a registry entry that looks something like this

Hex edit shows it to be UTF-16 (xp exported), with a CRLF after each value. Viewing this string value in Regedit32, as text, shows .exeLF.sysLF.comLF. The LF (line feed) does not show up as that because a LF character is actually a little box because it is not displayable as anything else. Regardless, this is a Multiple-Line String Value, not the same as a REG_MULTI_SZ though.

I found an obscure reg format of
"value"=hex(1): add some hexadecimal values to equal the string here

This reg entry will put the value in exactly as it needs to be, LineFeeds and all.

Now the problem. I cannot find any documentation anywhere on what data type to use in an INF file for this issue. Short of calling up a .reg file on runonce, which I do not wish to do, I cannot think of another method.

I don't know if any of the "Guru's" here are just guruish at finding files or guruish at coding them. Hopefully the latter.

FYI, DDK documention that I have (current) fails to mention anything of this. They do have an append flag, being 00000008 ( as the last bit on the type, but they state it only works with a REG_MULIT_SZ type, which from my trials, seems to be true.

I have spent hours combing the web, and only happened upon 2 sites that even mention the reg type of hex(1):.

Is there anyone who can help me solve this?

Much appreciated.
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FileGurus.com    Inf Files    INF Troubleshooting  ›  I need a guru for this one 4 sure