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June 10, 2005, 7:00pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
Hello Board,

Please can you help me, it seems my file

\windowns\system32\hhctrl.ocx has or had "bad clusters' as diagnosed by Windows Xp Service Pack 2 than I am running.

Windows said it fixed the problem, but it hasnt, I cannot assess the Help section in most programs, when I try I am told Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. It gives me no choice, it closes the app or program and all is lost.

Upon boot up I get the Diagnostic program of Windows telling me that
"one of your disks needs to be checked for consistancy. you may cancel the disk check but it is strongly recommened that you continue. Windows checks the disk and doesnt report any problem"

then I can boot up again, be it that day or another and I get the message on the Desktop after Windows loads,

"cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version file "hhctrl.ocx", error 999"

I searched your site and found the download for the file
hhctrl.ocx, and found one that is Ver 5.2.3735.0....it is 504 k in size

I checked my file in the Windows folder and it is Ver 5.2.3790.1280 and is 527k in size.

I am unsure if I can use the file on your site, and if I do download it do I just copy it to the folder that the  now hhctrl file is in and click on yes when asked if I want to write over the already there file, or whatever it is that Windows says under those circumstances.

Please can you help me, this computer is only 6 weeks old and I know nothing about Window's Xp......

Thank you so much
July 28, 2009, 6:33am Report to Moderator
Guest User
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