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November 23, 2004, 10:56pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
I have been searching for hours without success for some codec files! Basically I want to use the latest RealVideo codec files but I don't want to upgrade to the whole bloated RealPlayer 10. So I use the old RealPlayer G2, which works fine with the latest codecs. And yes I have tried "Real Alternative", which purports to be able to play RealMedia in the Windows Media Player, but in my testing it is very inferior to the real thing.

I have successfully found the following files elsewhere (out of a linux media player codec pack), since the versions that were up here were for older releases:

drv13260.dll - ver - RealVideo 1.0
drv23260.dll - ver - RealVideo 2.0 aka G2
drv33260.dll - ver - RealVideo 8

You had the latest version of the RealVideo 9 codec up here (drv43260.dll & rv403260.dll) (, but not the others. I need the updated versions above for the three files below:

rv103260.dll - ver - RealVideo 1.0
rv203260.dll - ver - RealVideo 2.0 aka G2
rv303260.dll - ver - RealVideo 8

I have seen that they exist but only on those "$10 a pop" pay-per-download archive sites. I for one won't fork over $30 just to get publicly accessible files! I believe that any recent RealPlayer installation should have these versions. If there is any chance that those versions can be uploaded I would be very grateful! Thanks a bunch!

-- Justin

P. S.  -->  I think that your site is one of the best ideas in a while.  Microsoft could really take some hints from its simplicity rather than forcing users to install their bloated updates.
November 24, 2004, 8:15am Report to Moderator
Guest User

thanks for letting us know our files had become out of date. All six of the files you mentioned, including the ones that you were able to find elsewhere, have been updated to the versions that you requested in your post. hopefully this will help you out and save you from getting ripped off by a pay-per-download site (talk about a copyright infringement). good luck!

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